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[ hos-pi-tl ]

/ ˈhɒs pɪ tl /


an institution in which sick or injured persons are given medical or surgical treatment.

a similar establishment for the care of animals.

a repair shop for specific portable objects: violin hospital; doll hospital.

British. an institution supported by charity or taxes for the care of the needy, as an orphanage or old people’s home.



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Origin of hospital

1250–1300; Middle English hospitalehospitālis hospitable, equivalent to hospit- (see hospitium) + -ālis-al1


min·i·hos·pi·tal, nounmul·ti·hos·pi·tal, adjectivepost·hos·pi·tal, adjective

Words nearby hospital

hosiery, hosing, hosp., hospice, hospitable, hospital, hospital bed, hospital corner, Hospitaler, Hospitalet, hospital formulary Unabridged
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Example sentences from the Web for hospital

British Dictionary definitions for hospital


an institution for the medical, surgical, obstetric, or psychiatric care and treatment of patients

(modifier) having the function of a hospitala hospital ship

a repair shop for something specifieda dolls’ hospital

archaic a charitable home, hospice, or school

Word Origin for hospital

C13: from Medieval Latin hospitāle hospice, from Latin hospitālis relating to a guest, from hospes, hospit- guest, host 1

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Medical definitions for hospital


An institution that provides medical, surgical, or psychiatric care and treatment for the sick or the injured.

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