Dentist Communicator for iOS – Free download and software reviews

Does this sound familiar; youre sitting in the dentist’s chair, bib on, suction tube in place, what feels like six fingers and tools digging around in your mouth and suddenly the dentist asks you a question? Or worse, youre feeling like your drowning in your own spit and you wish there was a way to simply ask for more suction? Well, that is why the Dentist Communicator was made. A simple app that allows you to communicate with your dentist, even when you have a dental dam, and maybe even a bite-block in place. Most features work without even having to look at your iPhone.

Dr. Marlon Michel knows that some patients struggle with being unable to communicate when in the dentist’s chair, so he designed this app to make it easier for patients to let their dentists know what theyre trying to say.

The Yes/No features allow you to answer questions by just tilting your iPhone to the left or right.

The Pain-o-Meter lets the dentist know how much pain you are feeling on a scale, this was the most requested feature by dentists. Used when they have to do work close to a nerve or other sensitive area and they need feedback from the patient on how much pain they are feeling. Like the Yes/No feature, there is an auditory alert that allows the dentist to know what you are communicating without having to look at your iPhone.

Finally, the I have something to say feature allows the patient to pick from a set of standard requests like: More suction please. or How much longer?

Developed by Brad Flickinger with Dr. Marlon Michel

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