Why it’s still important to keep your dentist appointment

Shaniqua Juliano

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — There are a few changes when you walk in Westermeier Martin Dental Group in Amherst. There’s plexiglass at every counter, you are screened with questions and a temperature check, and you must wear a mask when you are not being seen by a dentist.

Doctors are wearing N95s, a face mask, and a face shield to make sure you are staying safe when you come in for your appointment.

“We already had a very high standard of care for disinfection and sterilization,” Dr. Andrew Burke, a Dentist and Oral Care Surgeon said. “I feel that we are essential and we can see our patients safely,” Burke said.

Dentist offices stayed open for emergencies during the last few months.
Starting May 31st, offices opened for routine checkups again with guidelines on how to keep patients safe.
But just recently, the World Health Organization said non-essential dental work

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Al-Qaeda executes dentist in Yemen

Shaniqua Juliano

Aug 24, 2020

A dentist anywhere in the world specializes in treating mouth-related health issues. He or she can remove a molar, fix a tooth or make a filling. But in Yemen, a dentist can be detained and be accused of espionage. Then his execution and a public display of his body can happen in broad daylight.

On Aug. 15, al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen’s Bayda province killed Madhar al-Yousifi, a 40-year dentist, and tied his body to a makeshift cross. The militants alleged that Yousifi was spying on them so that they could be targeted by American drones.

Yousifi, originally from Yemen’s Taiz province, spent over 10 years in the al-Sawma district of Bayda in his dental clinic.

Two months ago, he quarreled with his wife, leading to a divorce. This dispute reached al-Qaeda operatives at the request of the divorced wife’s family, the victim’s brother said.

The group incarcerated

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