Day: July 2, 2020

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Going to the dentist can cause anxiety for some people. At Lane Family Dental in Wasilla, we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during your visit.

This starts when you first step into the calming atmosphere of our elegant and luxurious waiting room. You will not wait long and you might even wish the wait was a little longer. We provide a variety of luxurious amenities to pamper you. Sit down in one of our comfortable chairs near the warm and homey fireplace as you sip on some coffee or whatever beverage you choose from our complimentary beverage bar.

Our private patient rooms are also equipped with relaxing amenities. We provide you with blankets and pillows for cozy comfort. We also have Netflix available on our flat screen TVs. Would you rather listen to music? Name your genre. Wireless headphones provide you with exceptional

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The Dentist Will See You Now: But Will You See the Dentist?

Mary Lyn Koval did not want to go to the dentist. A marketing communications consultant in upstate New York, Koval works from home and felt she was staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic. One of her childhood fillings had broken, however. “I put off going for two weeks. But I was afraid that if I’d exposed a cavity, it would devolve into a series of root canals” instead of a simple filling replacement, she says. Dental offices were then still closed by state order. Yet urgent and emergency procedures were allowed. Should Koval have chosen to delay treatment and risk a root canal—or worse, a tooth extraction? Or should she have risked exposing herself to COVID-19 at the dentist’s office? These questions are all part of the new pandemic calculus.

All states have now allowed dental practices to resume elective procedures (New York started doing so on June 1). Yet

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Inside creepy abandoned dentist’s surgery with equipment left untouched for 20 years

Creepy photographs have emerged of a dentist’s surgery which has been untouched since its owner died more than 20 years ago.

Time has stood still for the once bustling surgery with images showing the abandoned mansion littered with medical supplies, patient records and decaying surgical equipment.

The dentist is understood to have died in the late 1990s after suffering personal problems and the last cigarettes he smoked and the bottle of wine he drank are still laid out on the dining room table.

The house, in a Belgian village, is like walking into a horror film – and not the sort of place you’d want to get your teeth checked.

The images are a spine-tingling reminder that the house was once a home and has now become popular with urban explorers.

Time has stood still for the once bustling surgery

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